Dream Boy

Dream Boy is the story of Callum, a young drama student, as he deals with love, grief and growing up. He’s helped, and sometimes hindered, by his trainee-psychiatrist sister, Rosie, who’s always at hand to try and analyse what’s wrong with him. They live with their drunken grandfather, a cantankerous lovable rogue, who loves to stir things up.

The play tackles the themes of loss, repressed memory and the identities we take within our families.

Dream Boy was first performed in June 2019 by the Princess Theatre Company.

Photography by Rebecca Strickland

What You Will

Separated by an explosion at a tube station, twins Viola and Sebastian each assume the other has perished.
While Sebastian recuperates under the loving eye of a new friend, Viola takes his role working at a London film studio, which is headed by hopeless swain, Orsino.

Orsino’s attention switches between his production of the Tommy-inspired “Art of Darkness” flick and his affections for tragic actress, Olivia Illyria.

As go-between, Viola is thrust into Olivia’s household and the hedonistic world of Toby Belch and co.

Cue a comedy of mistaken identities and unrequited love in this 1970s take on Shakespeare’s classic play, Twelfth Night.

First performed in February 2015 by the Princess Theatre Company, What You Will also played for two nights at The Mission Theatre in Bath.

Photography by Jon Ryan

The Meeting

The Meeting follows the relationships of two couples in recovery from addiction. Ben and Leigh have been sober for a few years and appear to share their struggles, supporting each other through life's difficulties. Michael and Teresa come from very different backgrounds, they struggle with life and love in early recovery.

The play runs backwards, leading up to the first time Michael and Teresa meet.

The Meeting explores the rewards, and the risks, of relationships in recovery.


First performed in a joint production with the Princess Theatre Company and Blue Sky Theatre & Arts in 2014, The Meeting later toured to Boscombe Fringe Festival.

Photography by Jan Bonus


In 2016, Lewis directed a Blue Sky Theatre & Arts production of Samuel Beckett's classic existential play. Estragon and Vladimir are certain they're going somewhere without ever really going anywhere, whilst waiting for something which is never destined to come and perhaps never really exists.


“There is something real about it and most of us can relate to it in

some way. As recovering addicts, we spent a long time waiting,

waiting for the next drink or drug, waiting for help, because

sometimes we're not capable of anything else. And in the waiting there is life. Some of us delve into ourselves and try to understand what makes us tick, others are content to just mope and moan with the punches.”

Working with a cast of people in recovery from addiction, Waiting for Godot received excellent reviews.


Photography by Rebecca Strickland

We Do Recover

Written by Markkus Garvey Trew, We Do Recover follows the story of a young woman who enters treatment for addiction. There she falls in love but quickly has to face up to the realities of life in recovery and the painful decisions needed to stay clean.

Lewis worked with Markkus to develop his script, and directed a cast of local actors to bring this Blue Sky production to both the Blakehay Theatre and the Winter Gardens, Weston-Super-Mare, in 2015.


Photography by Rebecca Strickland